What is Magnetic
Resonance Imaging?

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Shafa Tashkhis Co.
was founded in 1998 with the aim of setting up a well-equipped imaging center to provide radiological services based on international standards . When the company embarked on its activities , the provision of MRI services in Iran lagged greatly behind international standards . It was a great honor for Shafa Tashkhis to use such equipment that not only provided modern services , but also opened a new avenue for the improvement and growth of MRI services in Iran . These equipment were employed following a series of studies and precise identification of the modern technology in this area .

We also take pleasure that following the establishment of Shafa MRI Center , the older and newly-established MRI centers also went after the modern technologies of the world by setting the services provided at our center as their policy and goal . As a result , a number of well-equipped MRI centers have been established and are currently operating in Tehran and other cities . The profiles of these companies show that they all embarked on providing such services after Shafa MRI Center.Prior to the establishment of Shafa MRI Center , such specialized services as MRV , MRCP and MRU were never provided in Iran .

The creativity , flexibility and dynamism of Shafa Tashkhis managers have led to a continual development and expansion of the current activities and the objectives defined upon the inception of the company .Today , we boast that our patients are referred by world-renowned specialists and surgeons . Not only does this serve as a motivation for our technical staff , but also increases our responsibility toward enhancing the quality of the reports prepared by us . Creating new sections such as Bone Densitometry , Digital Mammography , Digital Radiology , and Gamma Knife wards in collaboration with and with the support of the most knowledgeable and most famous neurosurgeons is among the future objectives of the Shafa Imaging Center . We shall have very good news on these in the near future .


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